Our client Le Clair de la Plume wanted a brand new website to showcase their hotel and associated businesses. We created the website using the Prestashop e-commerce platform. It was unusiual to create a website for a hotel using an e-commerce platform, but the hotel also sold products online and we felt that this was the best platform to use for this particular project.

The hotel wanted customers to be able to buy gift vouchers for set amounts and to offer these as gifts. They also wanted customers to be able to create a custom made gift voucher, where they could choose the room, the meals and additional extras and then to use this for themselves or to offer it as a gift.

We achieved this by creating a custom built module that the site visitor could use to create their gift vouchers, pay for them and then receive an email with an attached PDF gift voucher. The customer could choose to print this for their own use or have it automatically sent to the person of their choice. We additionally created the module so that it would email a copy of the voucher to the hotel. Each voucher has a unique code on it so that the hotel could verfify that the voucher was valid.

This was a unique solution that we had to create a custom built module for.